Van De Slijke

Fine Realistic Artist
Art Educator

This is a cross culture realistic portrait. My Muse is adorned with a statement family Ottoman crown, all painted with the the finest detail.

“How fascinating it is to be able to reproduce the beauty of facial expressions”

Shahnez Van De Slijke has shown great talent in drawing and painting from an early age. After post graduation, with a Master’s degree of Art in Literary Translation in UEA in Norwich in the UK, Shahnez professional career took her around the world in the translating and editing business. Today she lives with her family in Southern Spain.

As the mother of two wonderful teens, the artist must reconcile her family life with her passion. Every day, at her Art studio in Marbella, she dedicates time to what she calls a “colourful meditation”.







Exhibitions & Museums

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Marbella Tikitano

Highest realistic achieved portrait. Excellent rendering of the eyes that attracted many in Marbella Tikitano Art Exhibition.


Saint Aulaye France

Black Magic is a figurative master piece  that won the public price in an international Pastel competition.


MEAM Barcelona

My Battle figurative modern painting nominated Finalist in Figurativa MEAM Art contest.


ModPortrait MEAM

Santiago a Tryptic  selected as Finalist in Modportait Exhibited for a year in the Museum.

Shahnez Van De Slijke is an artist specialising in dry pastels which contain the purest pigment. Her paintings are of great delicacy in a challenging artistic world.

François Tois

Director of Academie des Art Sciences et Letrres de Paris ASL

Academic Courses

Multiple Art techniques can be taught upon demand organised in my studio in Marbella.

Happy Womens Day

My Battle and Autoportrait that depicts women denial of abuse and violence. Mental abuse can be deadly as well! As for this autoportrait done a couple of years ago: it depicts my courage and my fearceful positive attitude, my position in deniying mediocrity and men injustice

Guiness Book of Records


A tribute to a dear friend Clara Chizoba Kronborg to support her challenge and believe with a positive mind set on women day.


Tempor ac tincidunt feugiat dignissim quis sed donec cursus ornare varius sed sagittis nibh.
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